Are shutters still in style for 2023?

Window shutters have been a popular window treatment choice for centuries, and for good reason. They offer a variety of benefits, including privacy control, light filtering and insulation. But fashions come and go – so are shutters still in style in 2023?

Elle Decor has defined 5 top interior design trends of 2023; from warm ’90s neutrals to the rich allure of maximalism. Shutters have remained a strong style choice when it comes to interior design, and can enhance these five distinct design trends. 

Warm ’90s Neutrals

The warm ’90s neutrals trend is all about creating a cosy and inviting space with soft, earthy tones. Internal shutters in a warm white or beige finish can perfectly complement this aesthetic, while their clean lines and simple design will add a touch of modernity. Warm undertones also help enhance that inviting atmosphere; wooden shutters especially infuse a cosy, organic feel. The natural grain and earthy tones create harmony in ’90s neutral interiors.

Stone and Natural Materials

The use of stone, natural materials, and a rustic ambiance is a hallmark of modern design. If you love the look of stone and natural materials, you’ll be happy to know that internal shutters can also elevate this aesthetic. The combination of wooden shutters and stone textures exudes a genuine connection with nature.  The louvres of the shutters can also be used to filter light, creating a warm and inviting glow, and introduces an additional layer of texture to the space, enhancing the tactile experience of the room.

Antiques in a Modern Way

Antiques can add a touch of character and charm to any home, but they can also be difficult to incorporate into a modern aesthetic. Modern design often incorporates antiques as statement pieces within a contemporary setting. Shutters’ timeless style allows them to serve as a neutral backdrop that highlights the character of antique pieces. On the other hand, decorative shutters can be used as a visual element, creating a unique ambiance reminiscent of an earlier era. Our custom colour option means you can create a unique and eye-catching look. 

Green, in all its forms

Incorporating green elements into interior design, whether through indoor plants or eco-friendly choices, is a growing trend. Green is a popular colour choice for modern homes, and it can also be used to enhance the aesthetic of internal shutters. Choose shutters in a light green shade, such as sage or mint, to create a fresh and airy look. Shutters align with a sustainable movement, also, providing energy efficiency through insulation and considered air flow. 


Maximalism embraces the bold and extravagant. It’s a bold and eclectic interior design style that is all about layering patterns, colours and textures. Internal shutters can be a great way to add interest and depth to a maximalist space. Opt for eye-catching colours to make shutters a focal point within a maximalist space. Shutters’ can add drama and depth to a maximalist interior, their architectural appeal emphasising the “more is more” concept.

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