cedar plantation shutters

Cedar Plantation Shutters epitomise the pinnacle of window covering luxury. The availability of high-quality cedar, the timber’s innate allure combined with numerous customisation options make these shutters a timeless addition to any home. 

Responsible Cedar Timber Sourcing

In the realm of premium window coverings, Cedar Plantation Shutters stand as a symbol of luxury. Amid the dwindling availability of quality cedar, these plantation shutters proudly offer the prestigious timber in all its glory. The responsible sourcing of cedar underscores 1800SHUTTERS commitment to environmental ethics.

Natural Beauty

Embrace the captivating allure of natural character and charm with Cedar Plantation Shutters. The timber exudes an air of sophistication that instantly transforms any living space, infusing it with style and grace. Each piece tells a story, adding a touch of history to modern interiors.

Great Benefits

Cedar’s lightweight nature, dimensional stability and water-resistant properties make it a superior choice. These shutters offer more than aesthetics – they boast exceptional thermal and acoustic qualities, enhancing your living environment.

Customised Finish

Personalisation takes centre stage with Cedar Plantation Shutters. Choose from a palette of 14 contemporary paint colours or opt for lacquered or oiled finishes that exude natural tones. The use of UV-stabilised and environmentally friendly paint further enhances the aesthetic qualities and longevity of this product.

Tailored Features

The array of options extends to the fine details of these shutters. Decide between beaded or flat stiles and frames, while elliptical blades in various sizes (47mm, 63mm, 89mm, 114mm) provide versatility. The shutters offer dual-directional closing, catering to your privacy, ventilation and lighting preferences. The hidden tilt rods elevate control, however centre and offset tilt rod options are available for those who desire a different aesthetic.

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Cedar Shutters inside the house
Cedar Plantation Shutters Project

Cedar Plantation Shutter Options

  • Beaded or Flat stile
  • Beaded or Flat Frame
  • Elliptical blades: 47, 63, 89, 114mm
  • Standard paint colours, special colours available or Clear lacquered in all natural tones
  • Dual Directional Closing
  • Non Standard Shapes


Cedar Plantation Shutters offer practical benefits, commitment to responsible sourcing and diverse controls further solidify their position as a window treatment of choice for those who seek elegance, performance and individuality.

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