Windows are an important feature in every room and Curtains have the ability to transform any room.

By adding some Curtains in beautiful textures and colours to match your décor, you can transform your interior space, adding elegance and a sense of luxury. Suitable for every single room, curtains are also extremely versatile, from completely blocking light to sound insulation, or just softening the room with a beautiful sheer fabric.

Finish off your styling statement with our selection of curtain rods and stylish curtain tracks as well as a whole range of curtain accessories.

In addition to the aesthetics, beauty and a feeling of luxury that curtains can bring to your home they are very functional too;

Blockout Curtains

  • Provide excellent thermal insulation, with the external heat being reflected in summer and internal heat retained during winter.
  • Provide the ultimate in privacy
  • Provide superior light blocking
  • Are also very effective in reducing noise transmission in either direction, with plush velvet curtains offering the highest level of noise reduction.

Sheer Curtains

  • gentle defuse light to provide a veil of privacy, and prevent your treasured furniture and floors from fading.
  • If you have some unsightly views you wish to ignore, sheers will help hide them without compromising on the amount of light coming into your home.

Combo or Double Curtains

Combining sheers with blockout blinds is one of our most popular product combinations, together they can provide all of the qualities listed above, but have you considered;

  • installing a blockout roller blind behind your sheers: complete light control, daytime and nighttime privacy and incredible thermal insulation.
  • Installing a blockout curtain in front of your shutters you have all the functional benefits of a shutter in the day, being able to control your levels of light and visibility in and out during the day. Then having the softness and warmth of a blockout curtain at night and also increasing your thermal benefits?

At 1800 shutters our professional team can assist you from the initial consult in the comfort of your own home, through to the installation of your custom made curtains. As our curtains are manufactured in Sydney, if you select from our core range, your custom made curtains can be delivered within 3 weeks!