roller shutters

roller shutters

If you’re wanting to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter as well as beat the harsh Australian weather – have you thought of installing roller shutters for your home?

Find the best Roller Shutters for your home at unbeatable prices.

At 1800 Shutter we use the highest quality Roller Shutter and it’s produced locally from European and locally sourced raw materials. The sectional slat is manufactured to the highest of world standards using German built roll forming machines which are the most advanced of their type.

With more aluminium and insulation in each sectional slat than any other locally produced shutter it’s no wonder that it offers superior protection from the weather, fantastic insulation and offer a great deal of privacy for your family and home.

It is important to note that these roller shutters ARE NOT-A-SECURTIY DEVICE. The NSW government, in Government Gazette Part 2 Week No. 51/2008, can be quoted as saying “Externally mounted and sealed window roller shutters placed over window apertures can provide moderate levels of noise reduction and significant thermal benefits where the need for natural light or passive surveillance are not major issues”.

Aesthetically-pleasing and contemporary, these shutters add significant long-term value and benefits to your home. These shutters have been designed specifically to suit the domestic Roller Shutter market in Australia.

With PU foam insulation there is a Roller Shutter for all jobs, be it:

  • Windows, Corner windows, Bay windows, Sliding doors, Doors
  • Energy saving through improved insulation over glass windows and doors
  • Noise Reduction, noting certain frequencies will get greater benefit
  • Light control through the windows or doors they are fitted over
roller shutters outdoor
roller shutters outdoor
roller shutter outdoor

The manufacturers have Laboratory Tests from both the CSIRO as well as local Universities for the Roller Shutters that we sell, so you can put your mind at rest as to the quality of the product.

  • Insulation – Up to 90% reduction in thermal transfer & Up to 50% reduction in sound transfer
  • Light control – Up to 100% light block out this includes harmful UV light
  • Style Options
  • Protection from the elements, (sun, storm, hail, heat and cold)
  • The curved shape of the slat provides optimal lateral strength and minimal roll sizes, offering a much smaller head box size.

We use a low-voltage, battery-operated drive system that is not reliant upon mains power to control the shutters. With operation at the touch of a button, this unique system offers a cost-effective alternative with many other additional benefits including a more efficient installation, as well as the ability to operate the shutters in the event of a power failure.

Roller Shutters in a house

With several different motor options we are able to motorise shutters as narrow as 300mm. The control units we offer enable your shutter to work independently from your home’s “Mains Power” so your shutter will still work in the event of a power failure. Ask our experts for additional options.

Roller shutters are the smart investment for your home in Australia. They are perfect for those homeowners requiring darkened conditions during the day such as shift workers and homes with babies.

Maximise the lifespan of your roller shutters with a little TLC

Roller shutters are easy to maintain and only require to be cleaned every 6 months. Just ask our friendly experts.

Our roller shutters come with a 5-year manufacturer-backed warranty on the aluminum shutter curtain, and a 5-year warranty on motorisation.